Plants Matter

Plants Matter. Not only to our environment & entire ecological system, but to our overall health, and beauty regimen as well!

Have you ever tried infusing plants/herbs in your beauty products?

If not, what are you waiting for? 

With the aid of simple & purely natural ingredients (butters,oils, herbs, mushrooms &spices) we've created the ultimate plant based skincare formula, we can guarantee will leave your skin moisturized, nourished and glowing!

Our products are designed for multi-use, and make excellent hair and scalp care products. 

Homemade and handmade in small quantities.

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About Us

Homemade and Handmade

Our premium natural products are handmade with all natural ingredients such as Herbs, Mushrooms, Spices, Butters and Oils.


Plants Matter lotion is my go to everyday body moisturizer. I can't get enough of this stuff especially, during the colder months. It's been a real life saver. I also love that it's completely natural. It just makes me feel so good about using it. I'm always telling my friends how much I love it" 

Saint Kwam

I've been using this body butter for a few weeks now, and the lotion is really GREAT. My legs are tough areas for me because my skin there tends to be really dry. Using your body butter over time has improved the overall texture of my skin. And of course, I love my lip balm. 

Claudia Boynton

Plants Matter has truly transformed how I think and feel about skin care. It makes my dark skin glow and feel richer and healthier. I use it all over my body, including my hair, day and night. I never thought of my skin as my largest organ until I started using your products, and saw and felt my skin, body and hair grow stronger and more nourished. I'm always looking forward to drenching myself in some Plants Matter products. I can't wait for your new ideas and products.

Kwadwo Yeboah