Creating Your Sacred Space!

Creating Your Sacred Space

Creating and maintaining Sacred Spaces in one's life, is an incredibly empowering and therapeutic experience.  

Creating such spaces can be viewed as an act of self-love and devotion, as well as an act of honoring nature, and all that exists.

Designing and putting together your own Sacred Space is excellent for your general wellbeing and will undoubtedly nourish your spirit. 

If you don't live in a natural environment, or next to something you consider sacred, like a river, the ocean or mountains, consider the idea of creating your own sacred space.

They can be a joy to set up, as you get to design them to suit whatever your needs and preferences are. These spaces eventually take on an identity which reflect the divine creative energy/spark within you, as well as, your interests, and the things you gravitate towards.

My ideal Sacred Space, is a personally designed one, where I can come to relax, unwind, ground myself, meditate, journal, reconnect to source and nature, and to let go of the day's baggage.

For many city dwellers, having an intentionally designed space like this, in one's home, is key to balancing out the stressful vibrations of city life, which can take a toll on your psyche. As a very sensitive person and a former resident of NYC, I'm a bit too familiar with the pressures and energy vibrations of a densely populated city which can sometimes, throw you off your natural rhythm. 

In the concrete jungle, where trees are far, and few, and Nature seems sooo distant, creating a nature-themed Sacred Space can be an extremely healing exercise. After-all, Nature is our primary, and best healer!

Intentionally creating a space where you employ the presence of various natural  elements will be soothing for the mind and spirit. Essential for their energetic offerings, natural elements put our human lives into perspective, by reminding us of the fact that, we are also products of nature!

Some sacred objects and materials you can employ while creating your sacred space include, but not limited to; Candles, Art, Water, Crystals, Rocks, Plants, Soil, Herbs, Incense, Essential oil diffuser etc,

Do you have a Sacred Space? Create your Sacred Space Today and Share your thoughts with us on your experience with it. 

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