Hacking your New Year's Resolutions!


We are pretty much at the end of January 2019, and if you're anything like me, you've probably already, 'fallen off' some of the New Year's Resolutions you set for yourself. **No Judgement though.**

Sometimes, making positive changes in our lives isn't always easy. Forming new habits, and dropping old ones, which no longer serve our best interest can be challenging, to say the least! Think about all the habits you've picked up over the years you've spent on earth. It is quite unrealistic and naive to believe that, just because it is a new date/new year, you're capable of dropping these habits overnight, and picking up new ones, in the spur of the moment. Sure, it's definitely worth the shot; anything is possible, with a super strong WILL and some Divine Intervention! However, this post is geared towards those of us, who are not as strong willed, and have tried and failed at this 'overnight' attempt at change.

Perhaps, you started out the year, by saying: "I'm going to exercise everyday", "I'm not eating cookies anymore", "I'm done with soda", "I'm dropping sugar from my diet", "I'm going to eat a more plant based diet", "I'm going to eat less meat", "I'm going to eat one raw meal a day" or,  some other well intentioned resolution, you hoped would improve the state of your being, health and wellness! Unfortunately, not even a whole month has passed, and yet again, you find yourself helplessly succumbing to your old habits, which you had totally sworn off! As a result, you're probably feeling a little disappointed in yourself, and in your seemingly, inability, to pull through for yourself. Consequently, your confidence is affected, and you're completely discouraged, because if, YOU cannot even live up to the expectations you set for yourself, what should others expect? It seems no matter how hard you try to change, you continue to succumb to your old habits and patterns. 

If this sounds like you, do not be discouraged at all! I'm here to encourage you and remind you of the fact that, you still have about 11 more months in the year, and a life-time of trying to, cultivate new habits, and push yourself to the next level of your desired personal growth and transformation. Having one unsuccessful month or even year/years, shouldn't stop us from pressing on, towards our goals, dreams and aspirations! Besides, it is a profound expression of self-love to give yourself the much needed time and space to grow out of habits that have taken years to cultivate.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind, as you continue to strive towards  fulfilling your Resolutions. 
  • Habits are "cultivated", and not activated. Do something small everyday to help re-wire your brain to do the things you wish to do. You are not a computer, and so, do not expect that you can simply 'download' new habits into your brain, and you will automatically do them. Reprogramming a human mind, takes more time and is a far more complex process, than programming a mechanical machine. You are a much much more complex.
  • Cultivating New Habits takes patience and practice: New habits take TIME to cultivate. Cultivating new habits are not an Instantaneous process. So be patient with the entire process. You need to allow for the precious gift of TIME to help facilitate the process.
  • Know thyself : Knowledge of yourself is priceless information, which will help guide and shape your personalized individual growth process. You probably know yourself better than anyone does. You know what path and learning techniques work best for you. Honor this knowledge about yourself, by applying it towards your growth, transformation and healing. 
  • Be Gentle, Compassionate and Patient with yourself. Some us have the tendency to become easily frustrated, and boggled down with negative emotions, when we're unable to live up to the expectations & goals we set for ourselves. Please remember, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'! Be patient about the process, and remember to be kind towards yourself. Offer words of kindness and encouragement to yourself. Affirm that "You're a Divine Being with Limitless potential and abundant creative energy". You can become the person you wish to grow into. 
  • Be Realistic about the expectations you have for yourself. Pace Yourself. Do one thing at a time, but do something everyday to get you closer to your goals. No matter how seemingly small the gesture is. We cannot do it all at one specific time. Do not set out to do 100 things in a day, with only 24 hours in a day and a full 9-5 job. Managing your expectations can help prevent you from becoming over-burdened by the feeling of disappointment 
  • Celebrate yourself for your little accomplishments. Acknowledge your little strides and wins, and celebrate yourself for them. Acknowledging and celebrating what you've been able to achieve, puts you in a positive mental space and helps you see clearly, that you're capable of doing and achieving more. 
  • Do not give up: In the wise words of Aaliyah, "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again, try again!"  No matter how many times you seem to fall off, keep pushing, keep trying! Keep on trying, and don't you ever give up on yourself. Lapses may/will occur. But remember, lapses do not automatically mean failure. Sometimes we need the lapses to propel us forward in our journey. Now, repeat after me; "I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MYSELF!!"

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