Start Today!

Starting can be tough! Whether it's starting a new business, blog, workout/ fitness regimen, weight-loss journey, eating healthy, or working towards whatever goals you may have! Starting isn't always easy for some of us, chronic over-thinkers! 

Starting can be intimidating, because 'low-key', we doubt ourselves, and our capabilities to see some of our commitments through.  

Starting can be scary, because we don't know how things may turn out! And sometimes, we think we know exactly how things may turn out, but are completely wrong about the outcome!

Starting can be daunting, because we don't always think we have what it takes to start! We tell ourselves, when I have A, B and C, then I will start! Or, I don't have 3, but I have 1, 2 and 4, and eventually, when I get '3', then i will start. '3' represents whatever you're waiting on, to begin whatever you know you can be doing now! 

No matter how many times you've given up on yourself and your goals, START AGAIN!, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN! 

Starting over, and over, and over again, despite how many times we "fall off", helps us learn to NOT GIVE UP on ourselves! No matter how many times we fall off, we must get back on!

It is impossible for you to succeed, without TRYING! Do not be paralyzed by the concept of "Failure". Failure in reality is the discovery of new things you didn't know, and could have never known, without doing/trying!

If you don't start, you will never know! 

You will never know, what you can do, and what you can't do? 

You will never learn new things about yourself. Eg. How resilient we are? how easily we give up on things? How strong or weak our minds are? The strength we have which lies dormant before we try. 

You will never discover the fullness of your being. 

You will never evolve, as you're not transformed by the act of doing, re-doing and re-discovering.

The WORST THING that can happen when you try is, you get to learn MORE about what you are doing, and most importantly, about yourself. Your likes and dislikes, your motivations, weaknesses , strengths, learning and work environments which work best for your personality type..etc etc.. The amount of personal information you amass by STARTING/DOING/TRYING is LIMITLESS. 

Just start today, whatever you want to do! Start, and go at YOUR OWN PACE. Life is not a race! Know that, you are a uniquely designed DIVINE being, connected to a  Divine Source, by the power of the breathe. Your power, your abilities and capabilities are LIMITLESS, that is what makes you a co-creator with the Divine! 

START TODAY, and tap into the divine magic within!  


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