Our Story

Plants Matter is a Plant Based Beauty & Wellness Company, geared at bridging the gap between people and nature, through plant based products, solutions and services to wellness needs

Mission: Our goal is to promote the overall healing & well-being of humanity and the planet by educating, providing and promoting all-natural, plant-based lifestyles and solutions to wellness needs, whilst preserving nature, for the mutual benefit of earth and all it's life forms 

Plants matter is a tribute, and an ode to the power of plants, and naturally derived ingredients. The name and phrase, Plants Matter is supposed to remind us of the fact that, Plants do Matter in all that we do! We hope you try some of our amazing plant-based beauty and wellness products, as well as, our delicious plant-based recipes.

Thank you for trusting us and believing in our paradigm shifting company. 


I'm Judith Bannerman-Quist, the mother & founder of Plants Matter.  I started  Plants Matter, after I spent the last couple of years, embarking on a spiritual journey of awakening to my inner divinity and recognizing the divinity in all that is, and all which surrounds me.  Plants Matter is one of the many fruits borne out of my life changing spiritual journey of connecting back to the Divine. On my journey to wellness & wholeness, I encountered the power of plants, and I can confidently say, I wouldn't be where I am today without the power of nature and Plants, hence the company Plants Matter. 


 My name is Kwadwo Yeboah, and I am the co-founder and father of Plants Matter. My soul-searching journey for a purpose-filled life has led me through various paths which have ultimately led me back to plants and their power in providing true wellness. My journey has taken me from being investment banker to a seminarian, an organic farmer, program coordinator, artist and chef.

Along this journey, nature has been central to my mental, physical and spiritual growth and wellness, and I have felt its Divine power on countless occasions. Plants, and ultimately nature, have been the primary healing and guiding lights to my “wholistic” wellness. They’ve transformed my life for healthy harmonious living, and given me so many gifts, in love, which I hope to share with the rest of the world.

Plants matter is one of these gifts birthed by Judith and I, which we continue to nurture in service and gratitude to nature and all life on earth. It is our way of serving humanity and earth, by bringing both parties together for symbiotic wellness. Without plants, we have no breath and no life. For a harmonious life full of wellness, plants must be at the forefront of our lives. As servants of nature and earth, we live to remind you that, Plants Matter.