Our Story


Hi my name is Judith Bannerman-Quist, the mother & founder of Plants Matter. The idea for Plants Matter came to me, after I spent the last couple of years embarking on a journey of healing myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Plants had become a very powerful and central force to my healing process. And so naturally, I started to incorporate them into my skincare regimen as well. 

I've always been on the pursuit for the best skincare products for my dry skin. My whole life had previously, revolved around trying, and testing new & different skin & hair care products. Although, I occasionally found brands which would work for my dry skin and scalp, I would be disappointed to discover that, the trade off to well moisturized skin and scalp, was often a ton of complicated toxic chemicals. Half of which I couldn’t even pronounce! Reading my labels and investigating my ingredients, became the ultimate turning point for me.

I decided to simplify my skincare products, and to eliminate all toxins from my beauty regimen. I had the natural inclination to return to my Ghanaian roots, and to use what i believe my ancestors have always used, raw Shea Butter.

Initially, my switch to raw Shea butter had me still feeling like I needed and wanted more for my skin. I began to experiment by whipping Shea butter with other natural ingredients: oils, herbs, spices, mushrooms and other all natural ingredients I could lay my hands on. Eventually, I had a product my family and friends loved so much and couldn't get enough off!

After temporarily parting ways with my dream of starting my own skincare line to attend Seminary, it is exciting to be finally living out my dream. 


About Plants Matter

We live in an incredibly disconnected and anthropocentric world. A world, where humans deem themselves superior to their environment and nature. We manipulate and destroy the very environment, and variety/species of natural life/plants/trees which feed us and provide us with all sorts of food, nutrition and vital components and support we need for our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

Plants matter is as a tribute, and an ode to the power of plants, and naturally derived ingredients. (Most of which, are ALL extracted from plants and trees, as well). The name and phrase, Plants Matter is supposed to remind us that, Plants do Matter!

It is my hope that after using our products, you have a new found appreciation for our name, as you literally witness our plant ingredients moisturize and transform your skin, and leave you with an enviable glow!