Licorice Root Chewing Sticks

Licorice Root Chewing Sticks

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Our peppermint flavored licorice root sticks are essential to maintaining your dental and oral hygiene. Believe it, or not, toothbrushes have only been around for about 150 years. For centuries, African and many Asian communities around the world,  used chewing sticks to efficiently manage and enhance their oral health. They did so, not because they were "primitive" or "uncivilized", as western society thought, but because, they were fully aware of the beneficial medicinal properties of the plants used as chewing sticks.   

Benefits include: 

  • Helps fight cavities
  • Aids in Digestion 
  • Helps treat gastro-intestinal ulcers and disorders
  • Aids in stress management and adrenal health
  • Helps support the healing of the gut lining and soothes inflammation
  • Supports respiratory health
  • It is an expectorant, used to help soothe the throat and calm the irritation that causes one to cough 
  • Possesses has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • It is an immune booster, which helps fight off various bacteria as well as viruses like influenza A
  • Contain ant-bacterial properties that help prevent gum disease, sooth tooth aches, and freshen breath

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